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Protection from the elements

bigfoot House wrap

Fight the war against air infiltration, moisture, and the sun with BIGFOOT, the cost-effective force in building wrap

Air infiltration

No matter how much R-Value you pack into a wall, it’s vulnerable unless it’s protected from air infiltration. Insulation protected by BIGFOOT Barrier House Wrap has proven to be much more energy efficient, protecting your insulation investment. BIGFOOT protects R-Values.

Moisture Vapor

BIGFOOT House Wrap is a highly effective building design strategy for minimizing air infiltration while allowing harmful moisture vapor to pass through it. Testing has revealed that BIGFOOT has a water vapor permeability of over 73 grams per square meter per 24 hours (10.4 perms). Bigfoot minimizes air infiltration while allowing moisture vapor to pass through it

cost effective

By minimizing air infiltration and not trapping moisture vapor, Bigfoot protects R-values, which can result in lower heating and cooling costs. And its semitransparent material keeps installation costs down.