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Bigfoot barrier

Mountain Bigfoot Barrier is a high-quality low-cost synthetic underlayment tested to the highest standards. With Mountain Bigfoot Barrier you receive the strength and flexibility of a synthetic at a price point comparable to most organic underlayments.

The Bigfoot UNDERLAYMENT difference


At 19, 22, 26, & 38 pounds per roll, Mountain Bigfoot is not only light it is Bigfoot strong, with a tear strength over 20 times that of traditional felt.

Cost Effective

Save time and money with Mountain Bigfoot Barrier. The 48″ x 250′ 1000 s.f. roll will make for quick work drying in your next project.


With an operating range of below freezing to over 220 degrees, Fahrenheit Mountain Bigfoot Barrier is the perfect underlayment choice for high-quality asphalt, slate, and metal roofs.*

*Consult roofing manufacturer’s specification requirements for underlayment.


Mountain Bigfoot Barrier is 100% synthetic making it extremely durable to the harshest weather conditions and with proper installation, Mountain Bigfoot Barrier can protect your project for up to 180 days WITH BF180 & BFHD before final roofing is installed.

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pallet stack of Bigfoot Barrier underlayment
pallet stack of Bigfoot Barrier underlayment
pallet stack of Bigfoot Barrier underlayment